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Introduction and promotion of business activities to contribute to increase of economic activities in rural areas is necessary for economic growth, employment and sustainable development.

Promotion of the cultural and the natural heritage, tourism in rural areas and handicrafts are growing sectors in many regions and provide for opportunities for diversification of farms and activities outside agriculture, such as development of small businesses in the wider rural economy. Tourism is one of the main economic branches in many rural areas and could be developed by utilizing cultural and natural heritage. Use of information technology for booking accommodation, promotion, marketing, design of services and activities for recreation, promotion at local fairs will increase the number of visitors.

Integration of initiatives and combining them with diversification, creation of businesses, investments in the cultural heritage, and infrastructure for local services will contribute to economic prosperity and improved life quality in rural areas. Development of micro businesses and craftsmanship in rural areas should be based on traditional skills and knowledge combined with adequate equipment, training, and mentorship in order to promote entrepreneurship and economic development.

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