About Diversification in Rural Areas

Diversification supports diversity of rural economy and life quality in rural areas. Diversity in rural economy includes activities to start and develop rural and eco-tourism and related jobs, revival and commercialization of local crafts and offering of new services based on the existing ones.

Agriculture and food production are not the only functions of rural areas; they on the other hand can support a wide range of other activities whose goal is to meet the needs of the rural population.

Diversification includes redirecting towards non-farming activities, support for creation and development of micro-enterprises, promotion of tourism and conservation, development and management of natural heritage, contributing to sustainable economic development and improving life quality in rural areas. It emphasizes development and revitalization of villages, as well as conservation and best use of rural heritage, including traditional specialties with distinct taste, collection of medical, aromatic and decorative plants, rural tourism, value added to natural advantages and traditional appearance of rural communities, crafts focusing on handmade products, craftsmanship services, acquiring skills and activities for development and implementation of strategies for local development.

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