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Even though rural women have a lot in common with women from urban areas, yet differences between citizens from rural and urban areas in Macedonia have been imposed by large distances of rural areas from centers, small population density and limited public services, including patriarchal and conservative mentality still present in rural areas. The need of focused research of rural women is therefore stronger, since rural life and disadvantages arising thereof have been influencing rural women in different ways than rural men, and this has been linked with specific aspects such as limited access to public transport, women of older age groups, specific health issues, less favorable economic situation, difficulties in accessing the labor market, greater duties regarding family and care for family members, lack of effective use of ownership rights, patriarchal family relations, relative invisibility in most agricultural and rural development programs and insufficient representation in the decision making process.

Economic empowerment of rural women is a fundamental human right, a key to reducing poverty and stimulating economic and social development. This may be achieved by greater inclusion of women in the decision making process, both locally and in society in general by organizing activities with and for rural women by means of which they will increase self-confidence regarding their work and value of their own contribution to the family and wider society. The key of achieving greater inclusion of rural women in the decision making process is cooperation among most organizations and individuals working in this field.

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