Rural Development Network’s Third Call for Support of Project Initiatives

  1. Name of project: The Magical Road of Organic Production

Applicant: HORTI-ECO – Association of Garden and Flower Varieties

Partner: AGRO-VINKA – Association of Female Farmers

Summary: This initiative had a goal to improve conditions for development of organic production in the region of Strumica and Vinica, as well as to raise the awareness of farm producers about the opportunities the region offers for development of organic production. More than 160 stakeholders, including farmers, food processing businesses and students were informed about the practices of organic production in the European countries and were given an opportunity to share knowledge and experience on field trainings. Sustainability of activities after this project initiative ends will be ensured by means of an education film, developed on grounds of research made into the situation of organic production and identification of producers in the regions of Strumica and Vinica. The video material will contribute to building the capacities of pupils in the Secondary Agricultural Schools and will encourage many farmers to transfer their conventional production into organic.


  1. Name of project: Be a Beekeeper!

Applicant: AGRO-VINKA – Association of Female Farmers

Partner: POLIMAT 13 – Association on Development, Education and Environmental Ethics

Summary: Both partner associations had a goal to use this project initiative in order to promote potentials for development of beekeeping in the regions of Strumica and Vinica, and to encourage cooperation of stakeholders, such as exchange of experience, knowledge and skills in the field of beekeeping. Field visits and workshops were organized within the framework of the project at numerous locations, providing beginner beekeepers with an opportunity to learn how to increase yields and reduce risks of yield decline and reduction of the productive bee communities. As a result of the meetings, cooperation was established among 20 potential and active beekeepers from the municipalities of Vinica and Bogdanci.

  1. Name of project: Maleshevo Traditional Specialties

Applicant: Ambrosia – Association Centre for Medicinal Plants and Forest Fruits

Partner: Solza – Environmental Society

Summary: The goal of these two partner associations from Pehchevo was to help preserve and promote traditional specialties from the Maleshevo Region with support of this project initiative, as a potential for development of rural tourism and improving the quality of life in this region. With the support of the local population, 30 local traditional recipes were collected and printed into a cooking brochure promoted on the Pehchevo Paul’s Day Ethno-Fair. Training was also organized within the framework of the project for preparing some of the traditional local specialties, attended by about 15 women from the Maleshevo and the surrounding regions.

  1. Name of project: Education of farm producers on environmental protection against excessive use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides

Applicant: Grashnica – Environmental Society

Partner: Enhalon – Environmental Society

Summary: For the purpose of protecting the waters of Lake Ohrid and reduction of emissions of harmful gases, two training sessions were organized in the Ohrid-Struga region to inform the stakeholders, including 30 farmers, about the rules of good agricultural practice. The training was led by experts who advised farmers about periods they should avoid fertilizing the soil, as well as how to use fertilizers on steep terrain, on waterlogged soils, and on soils close to water streams,   including the procedure on use of fertilizer and dosage. An education leaflet was developed on good agricultural practice regarding mineral fertilizer application in order to raise the awareness of a wider group of stakeholders.

  1. Name of project: Beekeeping – A Profitable Business – Education and Support of Young Beekeepers from the Struga Region

Applicant: Rurbankult – Association Creative Centre

Partner: Matica – Beekeepers’ Association

Summary: This project was implemented in order to educate and support beginner beekeepers in the Struga region, both those who have started recently, as well as those who plan or have interest to start working in this economic activity. About 30 beginner beekeepers from 8 settlements in the Struga region (Koroshishta, Prisovjani, Vevchani, Zagrachani, Brchevo, Tashmanurishta, Lukovo and Modrich) where natural conditions for beekeeping exist, participated at a workshop to learn from the experience of beekeeping experts and to get direct recommendations. A video and a brochure were developed on the techniques and stages of the beekeeping process to be used for informing and educating a wider group of stakeholders.

  1. Name of project: Better Environment

Applicant: Kladenec Environmental Society

Partner: Pehchevo Female Organization

Summary: The two partner associations started an initiative to raise the environmental awareness of young people from the Maleshevo region, as a region with particularly great potentials for development of rural eco-tourism. Therefore, as part of the project initiative they organized trainings for protection of nature and biodiversity in two primary schools and one secondary school in Pehchevo and Berovo. By implementing the activities, these associations encouraged young people in the region to become more active in preserving nature and to change their destructive behavior towards the nature.

  1. Name of project: Forest fires and their impact on rural development in the climate change context

Applicant: National Association of Private Forest Owners

Partner: Regional Advocacy Centre

Summary: 30% of the total land under forests belongs to private forest owners and has a significant influence on the economic situation of people in this region. In order to address the significance of preserving this natural resource in the region of Pehchevo and Berovo, the two local associations started an initiative to raise the awareness on the dangers of forest fires and the significance of forests. Field workshops were organized to involve young people and forest owners in order to inform and teach them about forest fires prevention, the importance of forests in terms of biodiversity development, the link of forests with the traditions of the local population, as well as modern global trends in terms of forest management for strengthening their environmental, economic, social and cultural role with regard to rural development.


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