The thematic work of RDNs is applying the bottom-up approach to practice where it builds its views on rural development by fully engaging its members and other relevant rural stakeholders to achieve its strategic goals. Thematic work consists of the creation of Thematic Working Groups of key stakeholders in rural development, through the organization of seminars and workshops, the preparation of thematic publications and other informative materials.

The thematic work aims to fulfill the following objectives
· Identification of key priorities and challenges that could be implemented through the RDN strategy and action plan;
· Sharing experiences that lead to success, such as helpful measures, tools and approaches.

The RDN defined its work on 4 main themes, each focusing on specific sub-themes, previously defined by the RDN members and management.

The first meeting of the thematic group “Social Inclusion”, subgroup “Rural Youth” was held on December 15 in the presence of 22 representatives of civil society organizations – members of the RDN of RM. During the meeting a number of data were presented from researches conducted related to youth involvement in CSOs’ work and policy making at local level.

On December 25, the second subgroup for Gender Equality was launched within the thematic group “Social Inclusion”. The first meeting of this thematic group was attended by 22 representatives of 14 civil society organizations – members of the RDN of RM.
For two thematic groups were selected coordinators. Over the next year will be formed other thematic groups of RND.
These activities that contribute to capacity building of the Rural Development Network are financially supported by We Effect.