On March 20, 22 and 25th 2019, as a part of the project activity for encouraging youth activism, the citizen association “Armonia” from Vinica organized a football and ping pong tournament in Vinica. The organizer registered 16 teams in the futsal and 8 individual competitors in the ping pong tournament. The event triggered great interest among the young population, and were held in the sports hall of “SOU Vanco Prke” in front of an audience of 200-250 young people from Vinica and its surroundings. In addition to the procurement of sports equipment and cocktails, which were covered by the funds from the EU-funded project “Rural youth assisting Macedonia in EU integration” project, for the organization of events, the young people from the association Armonia and the students showed great youth activism and volunteerism in an initiative to provide additional funds for the rewards, space, sound system and promotion of the tournament. The activity contributed to social inclusion, raising the sport spirit and increasing the motivation among young people.