On March 16, 2019, the NGO “Magic & Logic Marketing” and students from the agricultural secondary school “Dimitar Vlahov” from Strumica, with the help of the project ” Rural youth assisting Macedonia in EU integration “, erected greenhouses in the school economy of this center as part of the action “Through practical skills to high quality staff”.

In this way, students were introduced to practical skills and new technological tools in crop production. Through practical teaching, young people can be better prepared to develop their own business after schooling. School professors believe that young people in the country have theoretical knowledge, but through the educational process they lack practical skills.

Such activities contribute to the enhanced cooperation of the youth and the business sector in the area of agriculture and rural economy in Strumica, whereby they will be more competitive in the labor market. The skills accumulated with the practice will make students from Strumica more adaptable and ready for the labor market.