On March 22, 2019, the Center for Local Development from Radovis CELOR together with the students of SOU Kosta Susinov introduced a system for composting and production of their own organic fertilizer within the school through composting. The activity is part of the project “Rural Youth assisting Macedonia in EU integration” financed by the EU, and implemented by CNVP Macedonia and the Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedonia. Through this activity, appropriate tools and instruments for work were provided which would help the educational process and practical education of the students about the treating the organic waste and protecting the environment. These are simple measures that provide useful solutions for reducing waste and transforming it in bio-fertilizer that can be used for their own needs when planting and arranging plants in the school yard. The composting initiative came from a group of students from the so-called “Study circle” that was formed within the framework of the school “Kosta Susinov”, assisted by the association CELOR and under the mentorship of the professor of biology who will follow the whole composting process. Such pilot activity will give a positive example in raising public awareness about proper waste management and environmental protection as well as involving young people in creative initiatives to address community problems.