On March 6, 2019 the action “With youth green action to healthier environment” as part of the project “Youth from the rural areas for Macedonia’s integration into the EU” was held in Strumica. The activity was carried out by the association Horti Eko from Strumica in cooperation with the students from the school “Dimitar Vlahov”. The green action consisted of planting evergreen and deciduous trees in the school yard and the dormitory.

The goal of the action was to plant and cultivate public surfaces, but also to send a message to its classmates and youth for the improvement of the environment. “Such, dedicated and planned planting of trees has multiple effects and far-reaching benefits not only for the greening of school yards, but also for educating and encouraging the eco-awareness among young people, “said Professor Tome Timov. The idea is for pupils to take care of the trees themselves, and thus to acquire habits to preserve the environment in which they live and act by replicating similar ideas and eco practices. A total of 36 trees were planted. With this action, the youth encouraged all stakeholders in the municipality and the citizens for replication and implementation of the idea in order to establish sustainability.