CNVP Foundation in cooperation with the RDN of RM (Rural Development Network of Republic of Macedonia) and the ARD (Action for Rural Development), on April 10th, in the EU Info Centre, have conducted the kick-off meeting of the project “National Rural Parliament as a voice of rural citizens” – NRP.

Based on previously identified needs and constrains of civil society organisations from rural areas the project was designed to strengthen the civil society influence on local and national policies concerning rural development. This will be achieved through enhancement of rural CSOs capacities for networking and advocacy in order to influence local decision making processes and contribute to strategic partnerships with the local and national Government

The NRP project is a 30 months project, founded by the European Union and implemented by the above mentioned three partner organisations.

The action will involve minimum 40 grass root CSOs working in rural areas, on average minimum 5 CSO’s from 8 planning regions in Macedonia, including also minorities and many ethnic groups. The main working method will be training, coaching and learning by doing. These methods will empower rural CSOs to be actively involved in the decision making processes and increase their voice in the society.

Final beneficiaries from the project are all people living in rural areas.

At the end of the two and a half year period the project expect to reach the following four results:

  • Enhanced transfer of know-how among rural CSOs related to rural challenges and decision making
  • Built management capacity of rural CSOs to lead rural development processes
  • Developed research and analysis skills of rural CSOs
  • Facilitated effective dialogue between rural CSOs and local/ national government