Policy brief preparation was with an aim to enhance the capacity of rural Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for networking and advocacy in order to influence local decision-making processes. The activity included coaching of the selected CSOs in the process of preparation of policy briefs and backstopping for selected CSOs in preparation of the policy briefs.



The coaching process purpose was to enable CSOs to develop prompt and relevant information about rural community local development, funding opportunities related to the rural development and the impact to rural areas. Then, next was the drafting of policy briefs on the specified topics to be used as material for advocacy and lobbing with decision makers on local and national level, sharing the findings with the general public and raising awareness among rural population.

In total, seven policy briefs, one per each planning region, was prepared by civil sector organizations. The following CSOs were actively included in the policy briefs preparation coaching and backstopping process: “Ambrozija” – Pehchevo, “Educative Center for the Nature Protection” – Negrevo, “Organization of Women” – Pehchevo, LAG “Aber 2015” – Staro Nagorichane, “Slow Food”- Bitola, LAG “Skardus” -Jegunovce, “Ekoprodukt” – Tetovo, “Youth Cultural Center” – Tetovo, “CELOR” – Radovis, “Kruna Plus” – Radovish, “Young Farmers Network” – Mesheishta, “Ortet” – Kuratica, “Rurban Kult” – Struga, “Matica” – Struga, “Biovita” – Kavadarci and “Ekovita” – Negotino.

The activity was conducted in the period October-December 2018.