Project namePromotion of Bislim Gorge Come! See! Enjoy! And talk about the beauties of Bislim Gorge
Lead Applicant
Citizen Association of Local Action Group for Rural Development “Glasot na seloto”
Center for Rural Development “BUJRUM”

Project Summary: Within this project a documentary about Bislim Gorge named “Come! See! Enjoy! And talk about the beauties of Bislim Gorge” was developed and promoted on September 9th in Kumanovo. The project initiative aims to draw attention of donors in this region where the gorge spreads and it was inspired by previously prepared studies about Bislim Gorge which indicate that this natural phenomenon has potentials for economic development of the region.

Project nameRural tourism as an opportunity for community development and cooperation
Lead Applicant
: Association Center for Herbs and Forest Fruits “Ambrosia”
Ecological Association “Solza”

Project Summary: The aim of the project initiative was to improve the quality of life in the four municipalities – Pehcevo, Berovo, Delcevo and Makedonska Kamenica, through educating young people from this region how to utilize local resources and diversify economic activities. The project partners organized a networking event which gathered many local NGOs, craftsmen, hoteliers, producers and representatives of local self-government, aiming to help them share experiences and establish better mutual cooperation for more efficient utilization of the micro-region’s potentials in direction of rural tourism development.

Project nameLEADER Fest 2015
Lead Applicant
Regional Center for Advocacy – Delchevo
Association Center for Herbs and Forest Fruits “Ambrosia”

Project SummaryThe three-day event “LEADER Fest 2015” was held from July 2nd until July 4th, in Delchevo. The attendants had the opportunity to gain knowledge and share experiences regarding LEADER Approach as EU IPARD measure. Within the event a cultural and artistic program was organized, as well as field visits of good practices and projects implemented in the region. The Festival was visited by many associations, municipalities, local institutions, interested inhabitants of Pelagonija, Strumica and Bregalnica region, and representatives of the Czech foundation “Spiralis”, two Czech Local Action Groups and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

The event helped to promote the work of the subjects engaged in the rural development and the local economy and stimulated better networking and multi-sectorial cooperation.

Following the example of LEADER festivals organized around EU countries, the partner associations decided to continue organizing this event every year in a different municipality of the micro region Pijanec – Malesh.

Project nameAssociation Creative Center “RURBANKULT”
Lead Applicant
: Citizen Association of Local Action Group for Rural Development “Glasot na seloto
Association for Equal Opportunities EZERKA

Project Summary: The main objective of the project initiative was to support the promotion and development of rural tourism in Struga region, through preparing video materials which presented the natural recourses and beauties, the tradition and existing accommodation capacities in 5 villages near Struga (Vevchani v., Vishni v., Gorna Belica v., Radozda v. and Jablanica v.). The promotional event held on September 19th in Struga, was attended by a huge number of foreign tourists which confirmed their interest for this kind of tourism and the attractions of the villages around Struga.

Project name: Promotion of Malesh region through cultural tradition
Lead Applicant: Association of Hoteliers, Tourist Workers and Craftsmen “Napredok”
Partner: Center for Culture and Information “RAVEN”

Project Summary: The project partners implemented this initiative with the aim to raise the awareness about the necessity of protection and increasing the number of Pramenka as indigenous domestic breed and to motivate farmers and vulnerable groups from Malesh region to raise this variety in order to protect it from extinction, improve their households income as well as the overall development of the region.

Project name: ORGANIKA
Lead Applicant: Institute for Community Development
Partner: Women Farmer Association “Moja Farma”

Project Summary: The aim of the project initiative was to encourage creation of agricultural cooperative within the municipality of Jegunovce which will work on healthy organic food production in order to improve the offer and to contribute to the rural economic development in this area. The two associations closed the project activities with a conference where a panel discussion was initiated and the stakeholders had the opportunity to share experiences and present their organic products.

Project nameRural tourism sustainable development
Lead Applicant
Association of Vegetable and Flower Producers “HORTI EKO”
Women Farmer Association “AGRO-VINKA”

Project Summary: The two partner organizations were working on collecting data on tourist attractions, accommodation capacities, traditional food recipes and other landmarks in the rural areas around Strumica and Vinica. As a result of the implemented activities, a website was developed for promoting this region’s resources and tradition.