1. „Become a Beekeeper!“  

Applicant: Association of women farmers AGRO – VINKA
Partner: Association for development, education and environmental ethics POLIMAT 13 

  1. „The Magical Path of Organic Production

Applicant: Association of vegetable and flower producers “HORTI EKO”
Partner: Association of women farmers AGRO – VINKA

  1. „Educating and Supporting Young Beekeepers from Struga Region BEEKEEPING – PROFITABLE BUSINESS”

Applicant: Association Creative Center “RURBANKULT”
Partner: Association of beekeepers MATICA

  1. „Educating Agricultural Producers for Environment Protection from Overuse of Fertilizers and Pesticides “

Applicant: Ecological organization Grashnica
Partner: Ecological organization ENHALON

  1. „Traditional Specialties of Maleshevo Region”

Applicant: Association Center for Herbs and Forest Fruits “Ambrosia”
Partner: Ecological association “Solza”

  1. „ Forest Fires’ Influence on Rural Development and Climate Change

Applicant: National association of private forests owners
Partner: Regional center for advocacy

  1. „Better Environment

Applicant: Ecological association Kladenec
Partner: Organization of women in Pehchevo