Project title: Economic Empowerment of Rural Women from different ethnic backgrounds living in the Eastern and Western Regions

Application Beneficiary: Association of Women Farmers AGRO-VINKA from Vinica

Partner: Association RADIKA-DE from Debar

Project Objectives:

By introducing better cooperation and exchange of experience, education, promotion, cooperation and joint commitment to stimulate young people and women from different ethnic communities living in both the Eastern and Western regions of the country (from the municipalities of Vinica, Debar, Mavrovo, Rostuše and Centar Župa) to get acquainted with the basics of entrepreneurship and craftwork, share their experiences from both regions, develop their own business ideas thus increase their opportunities to achieve economic independence.  Make use of the good practice and experience which will serve as motivation for starting family businesses resulting in decreased rates of unemployment and putting an end to the trend of young people leaving the rural areas.