Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedonia as implementer of USAID Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture project aims to develop and disseminate agricultural practices for adaptation to climate change and to raise the awareness of agricultural producers and general public about the effects of climate change in agriculture.

There is very limited awareness about the challenges associated with the current and forthcoming climate change within the agricultural sector in Macedonia which results with inadequate public action. In best cases stakeholders have a vague understanding of the terms e.g. global warming, climate change, but not enough knowledge and experience how to cope with the problems aroused from this phenomena and how to adapt to the new situation.

Therefore the USAID Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture project identified a need for a broad public awareness campaign which would inform and alert all stakeholders on the devastating effects of climate change. It should focus particularly on rural areas as population there, majority being in the agribusiness sector, is most directly affected by them.

In this direction, during May, the project will start a campaign conceptualized around Climate Change Caravan with the slogan “FLOOD, DRAUGHT, COLD, IT’S TIME TO SAVE MY YIELD”, aiming to reach directly to farmers, women and children from rural areas to raise their awareness about the forthcoming climate change challenges and the necessity of joint – community level – responses. The Caravan will be organized twice this year, in spring and autumn. Six locations within rural areas will be visited during May and June: v. Novo Selo – Strumica, v. Negorci – Gevgelija, Bogdanci, v. Rosoman, v. Timjanik – Negotino, v. Pcinja – Kumanovo. The first event which will be organized on May 9th in Novo Selo in Strumica region will mark the launching of the Climate Change Caravan.

Besides the target groups such as civil society organizations, women and children from rural areas, the caravan will also gather representatives from USAID, Local Self-Government, National Extension Agency and the Working Units of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy.

The Caravan will have a well prepared program enriched with many informative and educational activities that will inform visitors on urgency of the need for adaptation to climate change in a way that will be fun, accessible and understandable for all ages.

USAID Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture project ongoing and planned activities will be presented within the event with goal to convey the main achievements and outputs of the project itself and to deliver to the broader audience a simplified explanation on what is in fact climate change phenomenon, what are the possible impacts, how to mitigate and adapt in order to diminish its negative influence.