The Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedonia (RDN of the RM) through USAID Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture Project supported project initiatives implemented by RDN members that aimed to promote rural areas and contribute to the development of the rural tourism in the country.

“Promotion of the Potentials for Development of Rural Tourism – RURAL STRUGA” is a project initiative implemented by Creative Center “Rurbankult” in cooperation with the association for equal opportunities “Ezerka”. Their main objective was to support the promotion and development of rural tourism in Struga region, through developing video materials where the natural recourses and beauties, the tradition and existing accommodation capacities in 5 villages near Struga (Vevchani v., Vishni v., Gorna Belica v., Radozda v. and Jablanica v.) were presented. The promotional event held on September 19th in Struga, was attended by a huge number of foreign tourists which confirms their interest for this kind of tourism and the attractions of the villages around Struga.

The president of the Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedonia, Petar Gjorgievski, considers that there are locations in this region which are unfamiliar, especially for tourists visiting during summer period, but also for those visiting throughout the whole year.
– The video material shows all natural beauties of these locations and attracts lovers of nature, extreme sports and mountain climbers, said Mr. Gjorgievski.

He expressed hope that this event will raise interest not just among tourists but also among local self-governments to work on improvement of infrastructure and accessibility and to expand the offer.

Zore Klenkoska from the association “Rurbankult” announced other projects as well related to promotion of the natural resources in Struga region.

Another similar initiative was implemented by the association “The Voice of the Village” and Center for Rural Development “Bujrum”. They developed a documentary about Bislim Gorge named “Come! See! Enjoy! And talk about the beauties of Bislim Gorge ” which was promoted on September 9th in Kumanovo.|- This project is extremely important especially for the Kumanovo region, because of its potential for development of the alternative tourism. The area is relatively unfamiliar in Macedonia, particularly for those coming outside Kumanovo region, so this is a great opportunity to promote it for this type of tourism and attract potential investors in developing Bislim Gorge, said the president of the Rural Development Network, Petar Gjorgievski.
– The project should draw attention of donors in the region between the village of Pcinja and the village of Orashac where Bislim Gorge spreads. Previously, there were studies about the gorge prepared by the Center for Development of the Southeast Region which indicate that the location can be utilized for economic development, said Elizabeta Cvetkovska from the association “The Voice of the Village”.
Bislim Gorge is a natural phenomenon, located downstream Pcinja River. It is characteristic because of the few caves, endemic species of plants and animals, which offer an opportunity for utilizing the potentials in development of this canyon spread on 7 kilometers territory.