Today, 04.09.2012 at the hotel “Oaza” in Shtip, at 11:00 AM, the USAID Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture Project, implemented by the Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedonia, organized a workshop for raising public awareness of the challenges and the effects from climate change in the Macedonian agricultural sector. The event gathered many associations of the agricultural sector from Shtip and neighboring towns, as well as organizations which are members of the Rural Development Network.

The professor Dushko Mukaetov introduced the participants with the effects from climate change and the adaptive techniques in the agricultural production, while the professor Slobodan Bandzo highlighted the impact of climate change in vegetables which is especially developed agricultural sub-sector in Shtip region. Particular interest has caused the presentation of d-r Aneta Trgachevska from Red Cross of Republic of Macedonia who pointed to the effects from climate change on human’s health and gave recommendations for adaptation and prevention of heat wave.

The USAID Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture project is focused on the Mediterranean zone, including the Vardar region with parts of Strumica and Gevgelija, as this is the Macedonian region most affected by climate change. The project is testing and monitoring techniques to find out what works best under certain conditions so that lessons learned can be replicated in more communities throughout the targeted regions, thereby helping to minimize some of the expected adverse global warming impacts on crops.