Based on the Training Needs Assessment (TNA) of Rural Development Network’s member organizations performed within USAID Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture project, an action plan for Capacity Building of RDN member organizations was developed. The priority goal is capacity building of RDN members on both organizational and individual level. The process of action plan implementation started with the realization of a workshop on Project Cycle Management and Project Proposal Writing. The necessity for this kind of training was emphasized by the RDN member organizations. 20 representatives of Civil Society Organizations attended the three-day workshop that was organized in the period from September 30th until October 2nd 2013, at “Continental” Hotel in Skopje. The participants were introduced to the principles and phases of project cycle, the process of project management, as well as to gain knowledge and skills in project proposal elements and project-proposal writing. The attendants were given certificates for active participation and successful completion of the training, as well as manuals on project-proposal preparation.