After the initial implementation of climate change adaptation activities in demonstrative orchards, vineyards and vegetable farms within USAID Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture project, technical assistance to beneficiary farmers for proper application of the specific adaptive measures was continuously provided by project technical experts. They monitored early responses and preliminary effects from utilizing these practices. However, in order to be able to provide further successful implementation of these newly applied practices and potentially observe new applicative climate change adaptive measures, there is a necessity of supplying beneficiary farmers and technical experts with firsthand experience on other successful cases.

For that purpose, the project decided to organize a study trip for beneficiary farmers, NEA advisors and the technical experts to expose them to international experience which will provide the opportunity to learn, exchange experiences and obtain details related to establishment and functioning of successful climate change adaptive practices. During the period from July 14th until July 19th, twelve participants had the opportunity to visit Israel which is considered as a country with advanced experience in applicative climate change practices. Project beneficiary farmers, NEA advisors and technical experts were introduced to intensive vegetable and grape production, vegetable crops seed production, applied research in horticultural crops and different agricultural applied technologies.