One of the objectives of the USAID Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture project, implemented by RDN is strengthening the capacities of Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedonia and its member organizations.

The TNA process was designed to identify, review and describe the particular aptitude gaps of the RDN membership at organizational and individual – personal level. The TNA was performed at national level by including 22 NGOs – members of RDN and 35 members of these NGOs, during the period September 14 – October 15, 2012.

Initial analysis of surveyed participants answers regarding training needs on NGO level indicated highest interest for topics related to Planning, budgeting and forecasting, NGO Management , Strategic Management and strategic planning, Fundraising and Project design while main focus of interest and potential improvements on individual level was for topics related to Project Cycle Management, Strategic (long term) thinking, planning and management,  Communication and presentation, Delegating responsibilities, Decision making and Leadership etc.

The generated and analyzed information was used to develop a comprehensive plan with appropriate solutions – trainings and technical assistance needed for expanding Rural Development Network (RDN) and its member associations’ capacity to implement diverse programs and specific rural development/climate change related activities. It represents a specifically tailored capacity building programme incorporating two strategic imperatives – priority areas for intervention: the capacity building at organizational level and the capacity building at individual level.