Rural Youth assisting Macedonia in EU integration



Project Background

The project is designed to empower rural youth and their CSOs from East and South East Planning Region (EPR and SEPR) in Macedonia to be an important contributor in the democratic processes of participatory oriented governance, civic engagement and adjustment to the challenges of EU integration.

Specific objectives of the project

  1. Improve capacity of youth CSOs and rural youth for the creation and implementation of public policies through structural dialogue with decision makers;
  2. Strengthen capacities of rural youth making them more competitive on the labour market.

The Project Implementation period will be 18 months, starting from 19th December 2017.


Connecting Natural Values and People Foundation (CNVP)
Rural Development Network of Macedonia (RDN)
Croatian Rural Development Network
Network to Rural Development of Serbia


European Union (EuropeAid/138660/ID/ACT/MK)

FINAL one page info 15.02.2018.pdf



A.4.2. - Promotion of a platform for the youth from the rural areas from the East and Southeast planning region

On April 16 and 23, 2019, in the municipal halls of Stip and Strumica, workshops were held to promote the established youth platform for networking and cooperation and the declaration signed by 13 non-governmental organizations in order to monitor, identify and translate the needs of youth in coordinated actions which will increase the cooperation of the NGOs with the municipalities and other local stakeholders.


06.03.2019 A.5.1 Small community actions of rural youth and youth CSOs

На 06. Март 2019 во Струмица се одржа акцијата „Со младинска зелена акција до поздрава животна средина“ како дел од проектот „Младите од руралните средини за интеграција на Македонија во ЕУ“. Активноста ја спроведе здружението Хорти Еко од Струмица во соработка со ...


16.03.2019 A.5.1 Small community actions of rural youth and youth CSOs

On March 16, 2019, the NGO “Magic & Logic Marketing” and students from the agricultural secondary school “Dimitar Vlahov” from Strumica, with the help of the project ” Rural youth assisting Macedonia in EU integration “, erected greenhouses in the school economy of this center as part of the action “Through practical skills to high quality staff”.


Recommendations created by young people from rural areas in eastern and southeastern Macedonia

During the implementation of the project, over 200 recommendations were collected and processed by young people from high schools and civil society organizations to more relevant institutions such as the government, municipalities, the Agency for Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Education and Science, civil society organizations, Employment Agency and schools. For more information