Rural Development Network of North Macedonia, supported by We Effect, has an open call for for submission of applications for selection of intervention partner(s) to strengthen value chains in the agricultural sector by introducing a new processed product(s)/service(s).

The main objective of this call is to invite interested and suitable parties to be engaged as intervention partner(s) responsible for implementation of a scaled-up intervention based on a tested business model presented below. The goal of the intervention is to improve market access for small-scale agricultural households by establishing and strengthening market systems in agricultural production, organizing around a buyer (wholesaler, processor) interested in development a new product or service. The intervention, on the one hand, aims to improve access for agricultural households by exploiting their potential for development through the introduction of new production practices. Introduction of new processed product(s) or service(s) on the market will ensure increased and reliable demand for primary agricultural products. The implementation of this intervention will ensure improved access to the market through optimal production, improved quality and increased competitiveness among small-scale agricultural households and processing companies.

Applicants should submit all necessary documents to the following e-mail addresses:, and Application deadline: 02.09.2022.

Call for intervention partners

Annex A – Application for intervention partners

Annex B – Statement of no conflict of interest