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The Rural Development Network of Republic of Macedonia and the Red Cross of Republic of Macedonia have signed a Memorandum of cooperation on August 16th.

The two organizations agreed to provide mutual cooperation, coordination actions for the implementation of programs in several areas, internal support and cooperation with other institutions and organizations and also they engaged to implement certain joint initiatives.

As one of the specific objectives of the cooperation is adaptation to climate change in rural areas, where the Memorandum outlines the main directions for joint collaboration between the USAID Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture Project, implemented by the Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedonia and the Climate Response Network, established within the EU regional IPA project “South East European Forum for adaptation to climate change”, in Macedonia implemented by the Red Cross.

By the agreed cooperation in this area, the two organizations are expected to jointly promote  knowledge about the effects of climate change in the area of agricultural production; exchange information about activities, practice and research; present opportunities for finding applicable solutions in dealing the main problems  in agriculture caused by climate change; as well as raise public awareness of the effects of climate change in the agricultural sector and their impact on farmers’ health.

The President of the Rural Development Network of RM, Mr. Petar Gjorgievski and the General Secretary of the Red Cross of Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Sait Saiti, closed the event expressing their hope for long-term, successful cooperation in achieving common goals.