Rural Development Network of North Macedonia, financially supported by We Effect, opens a call for engagement of consultant for conducting workshops for Business Model Canvas under the project “Organizational development of RDN and development of sustainable models for food security for local communities”.

A consultant will be engaged to conduct two workshops on the Business Model Canvas. In the September/December period, the consultant is expected to carry out the following activities:

  • To develop a methodology based on which the workshops will be conducted;
  • To implement a workshop with RDN members and employees, and define the basic 9 blocks of a business model, including value proposition hypothesis, key constraints and drivers;
  • To implement a workshop for future options for BMC for RDN, an approach to revising and adapting BMC for implementation and monitoring purposes.

The time frame for completing the assessment is 5 consultancy days.

Interested applicants should submit the following information:

  • Updated CV
  • A financial offer based on 5 consultancy days, including all taxes and other expenses such as travel costs, per diems, insurance, etc.
  • Duration of validity of the offer
  • Signed declaration for relationship

Any questions raised from the ToR should be submitted by email to, no later than 16.09.2022 by 16:00h.

The deadline for application is 20.09.2022 by 16:00h. The application should be submitted to the following e-mail addresses: and

More information is provided in the Terms of Reference (ToR) below.


ToR – Consultant for conducting workshops for Business Model Canvas