The twelfth Swedish Rural Parliament was held in the period from September 6th until September 9th 2012, in Ronneby, small town in the Swedish region Blekinge. The event gathered over 500 participants from Sweden, LAG members and international guests – representatives of more than 20 European countries. After a previous invitation from the Swedish Rural Development Network, representatives of the Rural Development Network of Republic of Macedonia attended the event.  The Parliament was officially opened by the Minister of Sweden Gender Equality, Mrs. Niamko Sabuni and the presidents of the Swedish Rural Development Network „All of Sweden shall Live“, Mrs. Inez Abrahamson and Mr. Kenet Nilshem.

At the gathering, the participants had an opportunity to share their ideas, thoughts and views and ask questions as well. They highlighted the importance of this event for the inclusion of social sector and rural development movement into state policies and rural development strategies. Particularly important was the participation of youth in debates about youth’s role in rural areas’ future as well as their contribution in organizing the event.