Thanks to the involvement of local actors, the village of Uma in the municipality of Gevgelija will get a more beautiful and cleaner public space as part of advancing local development in the region.

As part of USAID’s Community Development Program, the team led by the Rural Development Network of North Macedonia as an implementer of the Program and LAG Bojmija as part of the partners visited the village of Uma. During the visit, they talked with representatives of the local government, local community, civil society, and the residents for a joint initiative that is financially supported by the residents, themselves, several companies from the private sector, the Municipality of Gevgelija, and the Public Utility Company for Communal Services “Komunalec” – Gevgelija.



The initiative will consist of reconstructing the village road from the village entrance to the village community center, cleaning the illegal landfill at the village entrance, and setting up waste collection stations with the ability to select plastic waste. Such initiatives are an example that the involvement of all local stakeholders leads to sustainable community development.

Among those present was Dawn Carmin – USAID’s General Development Office Director in North Macedonia, who acknowledged the community’s efforts to advance rural development. Namely, the project activities solve three key problems: reconstructing the village road, which is especially important for the community, maintaining a clean environment by cleaning the landfills around the village and taking care of their permanent removal, and solving the waste problem through its collection and the possibility for selection and later disposal of plastic waste.



USAID’s Community Development Program is committed to the sustainable development of rural areas in the country through increased involvement of local actors in recognizing and prioritizing the true needs of the community. Initiatives, like this one, that strive to improve living conditions in rural communities will continue and will be implemented in other municipalities and planning regions covered by the Program.



This activity is part of the Community Development Program, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

This article is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents are the responsibility of the Rural Development Network of North Macedonia and do not necessarily reflect the views of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) or the United States Government.