We present to you the story of LAG Bojmija, one of the partners with whom we implement USAID's Community Development Program, which advocates for rural development led by local residents.

The story of LAG Bojmija is created and grows in four municipalities: Gevgelija, Valandovo, Dojran and Bogdanci. Within the framework of the LAG, the representatives of local governments, businesses and civil society organizations from these municipalities have the opportunity to directly state their demands and needs regarding the development of rural areas, such as new infrastructure, new facilities, improvement of the environment, rural tourism and the like.

Learn more about this Local Action Group through the words of members Zlata Ajceva and Kristijan Alchinov, in which they are members and contribute to the development of their communities. They are two inspiring young people who decided to develop their businesses in Dojran and Gevgelija and stay living in the environment in which they grew up.

One of the founders and members of LAG Bojmija is Zlata Ajceva from Dojran, who continues the family business - a restaurant for local fish specialties. She says that she accepted to run the restaurant not because of the finances but because of the moments that she and her family created throughout the journey, the passion, the sense of responsibility and the memories that remained and those that she still creates. She inherited the restaurant at the age of 26 and works with her mother, who is the head of the kitchen with three decades of experience in preparing unique Dojran specialties.

Kristian Alchinov is also a member of the LAG and he continues the generational tradition in his family beekeeping farm in Gevgelija. Undoubtedly, it is a great challenge to continue a family business that has existed for years and grown into a tradition, and therefore requires great dedication and self-initiative. What these two young people have in common is the decision to stay and work in their hometowns and as part of the local community to contribute improving the quality of life in their environment.



This activity is part of the Community Development Program, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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